Rewinding and Slitting Machine

Rewinding and Slitting Machine

The machine can be operated in a simple way with a stable running. The machine can be complied spliting cutting of plastic film and paper, etc.

Product Details

Rewinding and Slitting Machine

Rewinding and Slitting Machine Description

The rewinding and slitting machine applies to slit cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC and computer security labels, electronic computers, optical materials, film roll, aluminum foil roll, and craft paper, copy paper, adhesive paper, fabric, laminated, coated materials etc. all kinds film and paper printing of various materials, etc.

Rewinding and Slitting Machine Product Introduction:

Equipped with photoelectric tracking, auto edge correction ,tension control and meter counting. The machine can be operated in a  simple way with a stable running. The machine can be complied spliting cutting of plastic film and paper, etc.

Our Services

Pre-sales service:

1.We provide presales service in various forms, making investment budge, manufacturing, planning, so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost.

2.We will fist check customer’s goods and goods size, then we will recommend suitable wrapping machine to 100% suitable.

3.We will recommend and offer machine according to customer’s use and purchase budget.

In-sale service:

1.We will supply each manufacturing step photo for customer checking on time.

2.We will prepare packing and shipment according to customer’s needing in advance.

3.Testing the machine and making video for customer’s checking.

After-sale service:

1.We will guarantee the machine quality for 1 years.

2.We provide free training and answer customer's question on technology in time. 


1.What about your  Rewinding and Slitting Machine price?

Anytime we will make quality as factory life, no matter price is good or not for us. Quality is first, on the top quality basis, Sure you will get reasonable and satisfied price!

2.Can you send me the video to show how the Rewinding and Slitting Machine work?

Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them by our chain address.Pls. contact with us, we will send you machine video.

3.What about your installation service and sales service for Rewinding and Slitting Machine?

1>Guarantee is two year, we will supply spare parts or send engineers to your side if you need, we will give you service anytime, 24 hours, 7days.

2>We already prepare technical manual and operation video to show our customers, then it will be easy to install and use the machine.

3>It is free to train your worker in our factory or in your side or by video.

The advantages and disadvantages of gravure printing machine

Advantages: Ink expression is about 90%, rich color. Strong color reproduction. Strong layout tolerance. The printing volume is huge. The range of paper used is wide, and materials other than paper can also be printed.

Disadvantages: The plate-making fee is expensive, the printing fee is also expensive, the plate-making work is more complicated, a small number of prints are not suitable, the level is relatively simple, and it is not appropriate to express delicate colors and levels.

We are a professional Rewinding and Slitting Machine in China.Our company has its own factory,we can provide the best Rewinding and Slitting Machine competitive price and lower your cost.If you are looking for a Rewinding and Slitting Machine supplier, we are a good choice.Contact us to get the price of Rewinding and Slitting Machine.


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