Automatic Paper Slitting Machine

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine is mainly used for cutting PE, PET protective film, double-sided tape, fine print paper, duct tape, polyester film, sealing tape, foam tape and other materials.

Product Details

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine Product Introduction:

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine is mainly used for cutting PE, PET protective film, double-sided tape, fine print paper, duct tape, polyester film, sealing tape, foam tape and other materials. Equipped with round knife with high hardness and precision, this machine can achieve quick cutting. In addition, drive motor and reducer are added on the round cutter to make the cutting more stable and the edge of finished product more beautiful. And the cutting spindle is protected by PE hose to prevent people from being cut by the blade, so the Automatic Paper Slitting Machine is safe to use. Also, this Automatic Paper Slitting Machine is easy to operate, has more stable working performance.


Width of the material: 1300mm

Max diameter of material: Φ800mm

Max diameter of rewinding: Φ450mm

Slit width: 30-1300mm

Speed of machine: 160m/min

Packaging Details:

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine will be packed in to : 1.Hard wooden pallet 2. Hard wooden case 3.Steel pallet

Port Tianjing, Ningbo, Shanghai

Our Services

Call Us >> Customer provide specification or sample.

Sample Confirm >> Jinghong provide sample for cusotmer approval.

Order Confirm >> Order confirmed and proceed.

Production >> Bulk production QC inspection.

Shipping >> Final QC inspecition and Export.

Commitment >>Jinghong is responsible to all quality issues.

Automatic Paper Slitting Machine Main Features

(1) Method: Central impression for better color registration. With the central impression configuration, the printed material is supported by the cylinder, and greatly improving color registration, especially with extensible materials.

(2) Structure: Wherever possible, parts are communized for availability and wear-resisting design.

(3) Dryer: Hot wind dryer, automatic temperature controller, and separated heat source.

(4) Doctor blade: open type assembly for high-speed printing.

(5) Transmission: Hard gear surface, high precision Decelerate Motor, and encoder buttons are placed on both control chassis and body for operations convenience.

(6) Rewind: Micro Decelerate Motor, drive Magnetic Powder and Clutch, with PLC control tension stability.


1) Once there is something need replace, what can I do?

We supply all the spare parts for the printer. If any part is broken, we will fix it or send you new parts after users send back the broken ones. We suggest that users order spare parts package for long time maintenance and fast replacement.


2) How much taxes should we pay?

Please consult your local customs or import agent for details. Thanks.


3) Can we send our technician to your factory for training?

Yes, you are warmly welcome to visit us for free training.


4) We want to become exclusive distributor of your Automatic Paper Slitting Machine?

We look forward to your close cooperation. After you order first machine and be capable of offering after service, then we can start to negotiate about distribution relationship. Thank you.


5) How about Warranty?

12 months warranty for our machines. During warranty period, we will send free parts for replacement (circuit boards) while broken parts should be sent back.

Notes on the use of Automatic Paper Slitting Machine

1. Before starting the machine, you should check whether there are debris in various parts of the fuselage, you must first give a signal (press the safety bell), echo back and forth, and make sure the safety around the machine can be turned on.

2. Before running the machine, reverse the dots for several weeks and then for several weeks to prevent the sundries between the rollers from damaging the blankets and printing plates.

3. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moving working surface by hand, it is forbidden to repair and wipe the machine, and it is not allowed to cross the rotating parts. Keep the machine protection device complete.

4. The crew should strictly abide by their positions according to the division of labor, always pay attention to the operation of each part of the machine, and immediately stop processing if problems are found.

5. The work place should be kept clean and unobstructed, the ground. There is no sundries around the workbench and machine, and the maintenance tools and spare parts should be placed in the prescribed locations.

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