Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine is mainly used to slit the large drum master volume into products of different widths. This machine is suitable for the cutting of all kinds of thin coil for narrow strip, such as insulating material, mica tape, thin film, etc.

Product Details

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine Product Introduction

The main structure of Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine is composed of five parts, including feeding paper, feeding ink, printing, drying and receiving paper. Rotogravure printing products have the advantages of thick ink layer, rich layers, strong sense of stereo, good printing quality, etc. The Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine is mainly used for printing fine color pictures, trademarks, decoration, securities and color newspapers. It is made under strict quality control, can give a long service life with very low maintenance cost. Our  Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine also features simple operation, stable working performance and high working efficiency.

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine Specification:

Width of the material: 1300mm

Max diameter of material: Φ800mm

Max diameter of rewinding: Φ450mm

Slit width: 30-1300mm

Speed of machine: 160m/min

Packaging & Delivery About Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine:

Packaging Details

thermal paper slitting machine will be packed in to : 1.Hard wooden pallet 2. Hard wooden case 3.Steel pallet

Port  Tianjing, Ningbo, Shanghai


Q: How Could We Do If The Parts Broken Within Warranty?

A: We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.

Q: Does Your Engineer Understand English?

A: Our engineer understand a little English. All our engineer have more than five years machine installation experience. In addition, they can use body language to communicate with customer.

Q: Can You Help Us Find Any Engineer In Our Location?

A: Of course, we will check and inform you as soon as possible.

Q: How Do We Solve The Machine Problem After Your Engineer Leaving?

A: Generally speaking, there will be no problem after finish installing. In case you have any problem. You can contact our sales at any time. Our engineer will take a solution video according your description.

The principle of gravure printing machine tension control

Tension control method between feed shaft and feed traction roller:

The action of the traction roller pulls the printing material from the feed shaft at a certain speed and tension and feeds it into the printing section. This part of the tension is greater than the printing section tension. Usually, the brake is connected to the paper shaft to control the tension. As we all know, at the same time, the winding diameter gradually decreases. In recent years, the speed has been increased, the materials used have been diversified, and the coil diameter has changed greatly. In the past, manual mechanical brakes were impossible to obtain high-quality printed products. It is necessary to choose automatic control method, especially to use tension measurement table for data management. The detection methods include spring swing roller type and micro-position detection. Mechanical brakes have been used for a long time and are cheap, but the torque value is not accurate. There are gradually other forms. Magnetic powder brake uses magnetic powder as friction medium to generate braking force, and its torque-current characteristic is linear. being widely used. Air pressure brakes are often used in printing machinery, but the torque characteristics are non-linear and wear factors. It has also been gradually replaced by large-capacity magnetic powder brakes.

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