Bopp Bag Printing Machine

Bopp Bag Printing Machine

The heater and fan will take off automatically when the blower stop working. Let this machine keep in safety position.

Product Details

Bopp Bag Printing Machine

This bopp bag printing machine is also used as bopp tape printing machine and bopp label printer.


1.The machine is suitable for printing: roller paper, packing paper, cellophane, fiber glass web, tubular films, PP woven sack and PP/LOPE/LLDPE/HDPE/BOPP poly bags.

2.Require small space, easy operation and maintenance; man power and cost saving.

3.Used with either solvent or water base flexo-printing ink only.

4.The photo polymer plate or rubber plate with 2.28 mm in thickness is a first priority, other size is available by request.

5.The printing plate cylinder is controlled by hydraulic ystem; easy operation and high accuracy, there will be no defect while starting or stopping the machine on the color fixing.

6.Have a counter device to control production Q'TY, which is reached the presetting numerical then the machine will be stop working at the same time.

7.When printing roller stop working, the rubber roller and anilox roller will be continuous running to avoid drying of printing ink on such rollers.

8.The hot air fan and blower with respective heaters are mounted on the machine. For ink drying to increase production speed.

9.The heater and fan will take off automatically when the blower stop working. Let this machine keep in safety position.


Technical Description:

1.Easy operation 

2.High precision printing machinery 

3.Reasonable price, good quality 

4.On-time delivery 

Machine Main Technical Specification:




Printing width


Printing speed


Printing cylinder diameter

Φ110 mm-Φ300 mm

Rolling material diameter

Φ600 mm

Printing cylinder cross adjustable


Register accuracy


Total power





13950X3100X2600 mm


Q: How long will your engineer reach our factory?

A: Within one week after machine arrival your factory.

Q: How many days will you finish installing ?

A: We will finish installation and training within 7 days.

Q: What should we charge for your engineer?

A: You should charge for the cost of our engineer's visa , air tickets, hotel, food ,and also their salary 80USD one day per person.

Q: How long is your machine's warranty period?

A: All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation.

Q: How could we do after one year warranty period?

A: We also can do service for you, but you need pay salary for my technician 80USD/day.

Type of printing machine

Classified by printing paper

(1) Sheet-fed printing machine

Sheet-fed printing press: A press that uses sheet-fed paper.

(2) Web printing machine

Web printing machine: A printing machine using web paper.

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