What Should I Do With The Gravure Press Failure?

- Oct 07, 2019-

What should I do with the gravure press failure? The gravure printing machine manufacturer machinery tells you that there are four main faults in the gravure printing machine: paper breakage, water supply, inking and imprinting troubleshooting, overprinting partial failure, folding part failure analysis and elimination.

1. Broken paper failure

Broken paper is a very difficult thing, mainly for the following reasons:

(1) Edge cracking, tight edges, side bumps or glue on the sides. When the glue is stuck on the tight side or the side of the paper, the paper tape is easy to break, which affects the normal paper feeding. It has been found that such a phenomenon can be wetted by a water brush or glued to the side of the glue, and the fault is eliminated.

(2) The core of the paper roll itself is not round. The operator can judge whether the eccentricity of the core is too large by experience, and change the paper in time or notify the machine administrator to slow down the operation to avoid it.

(3) The lifting speed is too fast or the tension is too large. The paper has a tension limit. When tightening the tension, try to stay away from the ultimate tension. At high speeds, a very small change can also cause very large stresses that can cause paper breaks.

(4) The guide roller core shaft is loose, the level and parallelism are not accurate, and the mandrel or bearing is worn. For machines that have been used for a certain period of time, sufficient attention should be paid to them. Maintenance personnel and operators should check the working condition of the paper guide rollers in time.

(5) Excessive deposit of ink on the paper guide roller. After a long period of time, the deposition of smog increases the radius of each roller, which in turn increases the tension. When the tension reaches the limit, the machine cutter will cut the paper protection. Therefore, the dirt deposited on the paper guide roller should be removed in time.

2. Water, ink and embossing failure

(1) Water supply part

Water supply devices can generally be divided into indirect water supply and direct water supply. No matter which method is used to supply water, the purpose is to fully wet the printing plate and maintain the balance of ink and water. The specific manifestation of various faults is: the partial deviation of the water makes the ink color tarnish, the gray color is dull, the ink color is not full, and the ink emulsification occurs in severe cases; when the water volume is too small, the printing plate can not be fully wetted, resulting in graphic deformation, Unclear and other phenomena. The specific elimination method can be adjusted according to the structure of the water supply mechanism and the function of each component.

If the operation of the water bucket baffle motor or the nozzle solenoid valve can be checked, whether the pressure between the water transfer roller, the water roller, the plate roller and the plate roller is normal, the pressure at both ends of the water roller must be determined. To adjust to the balance position. Normally, the water roller and the water nozzle should be cleaned in time to check the pressure between the water rollers.