What Are The Characteristics Of Gravure Printing Machines?

- Sep 26, 2019-

What are the characteristics of gravure printing machines?

The use of gravure printing presses needless to say, I think everyone knows that today gravure printing press manufacturers will introduce the characteristics of their products.

The squeegeeing device of the gravure printing press employs an imported technique for removing all of the ink on the surface of the overprinted printing intaglio prior to printing, while filling the indentation with the ink.

In order to adjust the pressure of the squeegee roller against the plate cylinder, according to the prior art, the squeegee roller can be mounted on the eccentric bearing, so that the spacing between the squeegee roller and the plate cylinder and the squeegee roller The pressure can be set by adjusting the eccentric bearing components. A similar eccentric bearing is also used on the impression cylinder to set the pressure of the impression cylinder against the plate cylinder and to disengage the impression cylinder from the plate cylinder when the printing operation is stopped.

One of the characteristics of the gravure printing press is that the paper is printed under a large pressure.

It is calculated that the printing pressure per cm of print width is about 10,000N. Therefore, the impression cylinder requires a large printing pressure against the plate cylinder, which can be as high as 100t, causing the journal of the plate cylinder to flex, resulting in the spacing between the impression cylinder and the plate cylinder. Changes occur when the plate cylinder is engaged and disengaged from the impression cylinder. This variation in the axial spacing is negligible as long as the pressure that does not cause the wiper roller to rest against the plate cylinder is negligible. This is because the exact predetermined and constant pressure required by the doctor roller is important to achieve the desired ink squeegee action.

Static maintenance of gravure printing presses

As the name suggests, static maintenance refers to the maintenance of a gravure press in a static state. First of all, we must establish rules and regulations for machine maintenance. The maintenance method is based on the gravure printing machine manual. For example, regularly change the oil to important parts, clean the filter in time, and regularly check the accuracy of the machine.

Second, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of important parts on the gravure printing machine. Components such as gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are the most important components on the press, and their accuracy changes have a major impact on the operation of the machine. The spring is the most used component of the gravure printing machine for the force balance mechanism. If the spring is found to have hysteresis and irreversible plastic deformation, the spring should be replaced in time. The residue in the printing process also affects the sensitivity of important components and needs to be cleaned up in time.

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Again, focus on technological innovation. During the operation, the components of the gravure printing machine can cooperate to complete the complex movement. It is impossible to take into account every factor in the design of the machine, and the country is vast, the temperature and humidity of the environment are far apart, and the gravure printing machine is maintained. The content will also change (heating fans in the south and humidifiers in the north). Therefore, the gravure printing machine should be designed with the convenience of maintenance in mind.