The Status Quo And Development Trend Of Printing Presses

- Apr 22, 2020-

1.The quality of appearance design is obviously improved:

The appearance quality of all the equipment at the All-India Exhibition has been significantly improved. Silly, big and stupid products have been rarely seen. Some equipment is even difficult to distinguish at home from domestic or foreign production. The appearance, color and ergonomic design are more thoughtful than before.

The manufacturer's equipment level gradually improves the precision of printing machine parts manufacturing. In addition to being related to the level of operators, the key is to have high-precision equipment. It is understood that almost every manufacturer has more than 1 to 2 machining centers, and some manufacturers have pentahedral machining centers. CNC machining equipment has become the mainstream equipment for parts processing. Some manufacturers have introduced high-precision grinders, and the accuracy of their gears can reach more than 4 levels (the largest gear can be processed with a diameter of more than 1m). This is an order of magnitude higher than the previous equipment. It has reached the advanced level of similar international products.The bisector error of the axis of the gripper axis of the cylinder above the double diameter can be controlled below 0.02mm, which can fully guarantee the requirements of the drum paper transfer. In addition to the design quality, product quality is also closely related to the mechanism and process. If you often find that the same batch of machines are running in good condition, others are in poor condition. Sometimes the method adopted by the factory is to disassemble and reassemble. As a result, the quality after reassembly is different from the original. The reason for this phenomenon is often difficult to clarify, and the result is usually not clear. The next time you encounter the same problem, you still need to use this method to solve it. By exchanging ideas with many peers, it is a process issue. There are many parts on the printing machine. If one component fails, it may lead to the failure of other components in the working state. Eventually, the whole machine will fail. As some manufacturers have said, many of our component standards are not strict enough, and many of the components we consider to be qualified products. Most failed by foreign standards. Therefore, to ensure the consistency of the product, the processing accuracy of key components must be further improved. In addition to the necessary assembly tooling during installation. There must also be special inspection tooling to speak with data.

2.Fully adopts mechatronics technology:

Mechatronic technology replaces the traditional mechanical transmission chain, and pneumatic technology is widely used on machines. Such as pneumatic clutch pressure, pneumatic ink-water clutch, pneumatic interlock mechanism, etc. However, the degree of adoption of electronic control technology is not high enough. Only very few machines use CPC ink supply system technology. The independent transmission technology of ink fountain roller (driven by a separate motor) is adopted on individual machines. Shaftless Feida control technology and high-speed online detection technology are basically not adopted in domestic equipment.