The New Characteristics Of The Development Of Gravure Printing Machine

- Mar 25, 2021-

As a member of printing machinery, gravure printing machine is intelligent is an effective way to improve efficiency, so the development trend of gravure printing machine intelligence is inevitable. Therefore, enterprises must change the development concept of gravure printing presses, improve efficiency, and strengthen the cost-effectiveness of gravure printing presses. At present, with the rapid development and rapid changes in the market, we should pay more attention to the quality and endurance of printing machinery, and should pay more attention to issues such as product production efficiency and performance.


Automatic Rotogravure Printing Machine

Now the development of printing machinery has new characteristics, mainly: First, high printing efficiency. Printing is highly automated in order to obtain the best printing efficiency and economic benefits; the second is the high utilization of resources, a high degree of comprehensive utilization and the development of circular economy; the third is that the products attach great importance to energy conservation and cost reduction; the fourth is the practicality of high-tech, Improve production efficiency, raise the level of products, and improve the quality; fifth is the commercialization of scientific research results, so that printing machinery products are developed in terms of knowledge intensive, technology integration, and product intelligence.


gravure printing machine

In addition to rigid standards such as high-tech R&D and output and international support, the driving force for the development of the industry is more importantly market demand. Market demand is the most primitive and powerful driving force for the development of an industry. Where there is demand, there will be a market.