The Improvement Of The Economic Level Has Brought New Features To The Development Of Gravure Printing Presses.

- Oct 10, 2019-

The improvement of the economic level has brought new features to the development of gravure printing presses.

With the improvement of China's economic level, China has become an international stage. In terms of industrial equipment, China's machinery and equipment and countries with developed foreign technology still have a large distance, and China's domestic gravure printing machine products come. It is said that due to low technical level and poor product reliability, it is not only facing domestic competition, but also facing fierce international competition. In particular, in recent years, with the construction of a conservation-oriented society, the development of circular economy and the efforts to increase technological innovation, this has led to a new wave of technology introduction. This has brought great pressure on the domestic packaging industry.

As a member of the gravure printing machine, the gravure printing machine is an effective way to improve efficiency, so the development trend of the gravure printing machine is inevitable. Therefore, enterprises should change the development concept of gravure printing machine, improve efficiency, and enhance the cost performance of gravure printing machine. At present, with the rapid development and rapid changes in the market, we should pay more attention to the quality and endurance of the gravure printing machine, and should pay more attention to the production efficiency and performance of the product.

Nowadays, the development of gravure printing press has new features, mainly: First, high printing efficiency. The printing is highly automated to obtain the best printing efficiency and economic benefits; the second is the high utilization of resources, the high comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy; the third is that products attach great importance to energy conservation and focus on reducing costs; Improve production efficiency, product level, grade; fifth, the commercialization of scientific research results, so that gravure printing machine products to knowledge-intensive, technology integration, product intelligence and other aspects of development.

In addition to these hard standards such as high-tech R&D and output and international support, the industry's development drivers are more important to market demand. Market demand is the most primitive and powerful driving force for an industry. Wherever there is demand, there will be a market. At present, for China's gravure printing machine industry, the market is still a strong driving force for its development, and it is a domestic and foreign market.

According to relevant sources, China's economic development has been growing rapidly. China has initially established a complete industrial system. The normal operation of this huge industrial system is inseparable from the support of many machinery industries. The gravure printing machine industry is among them. One member.

The industry believes that the printing level and ability of gravure printing machines in China have been greatly improved, and the gap between the quality of printed products and the international level has been shrinking. The high quality and low price drove the surge in foreign purchases, and the huge demand in the overseas printing market has greatly promoted the Chinese mold industry.