The Gravure Printing Press Is A Printing Machine With Novel Design

- Sep 25, 2019-

The gravure printing press is a printing machine with novel design, excellent performance and a combination of many mechanical advantages. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including book covers, leather and other products.

The gravure printing machine itself is characterized by very good printing quality. This is because the brush head in the gravure printing machine is sensitive and reliable, the computer control system is also very standard, and the safety protection system is very powerful, and the operation is completely complete. There is no need to worry about the safety of the operator.

The gravure printing process of the gravure printing machine can make the product more fine. The industrial machinery is controlled in three groups, and the operation is simple, and there are not many places that need special attention. Of course, some things should be paid attention to. The following gravure printing The machine manufacturer will introduce you to everyone:

1. Grasp the speed and direction of the knife during cutting during use.

2. The ink paper and glue should be kept dry to avoid oxidation or damage to the gravure printing machine.

3, when storing, pay attention to the vertical placement, and place the place to be cool and ventilated, in order to prevent moisture, sun and heat, so as to ensure the working state of the gravure printing machine.

It is important to maintain a good environment in the workshop of the gravure press. The environment here mainly refers to dust, temperature and humidity. The following gravure printing machine manufacturers will give you a detailed explanation.

1, dust

Dust produces a thin knife line. The movement of the plastic film on the printer generates static electricity and can absorb dust. These dusts are printed from the film onto the plate roll during printing, and are gathered in the ink to adhere to the blade to produce a knife line. For this purpose, a static eliminator should be installed in front of each unit embossing roller. Or try to increase the phase and humidity in the air to reduce the occurrence of static electricity.

Dust may also be directly from the outside air, which requires a good hygienic environment in the gravure press workshop: each press is placed separately, and the workshop is isolated from the outside by a curtain to control the number of people in the workshop. When the ambient temperature in the workshop is less than 55%, the water should be frequently mopped to maintain the humidity in the workshop. The floor is treated with a special coating to prevent ashing. During the daily maintenance of the machine, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the unobtrusive parts in the air duct to prevent dust accumulation.

If the printing substrate is paper, an ash removing device may be added after the substrate is unwound, and the shredded paper and the coated material adsorbed on both sides and sides of the paper are removed.

2. All the ink drums on the site, the solvent should be covered and labelled.

3, the original and auxiliary materials should be subjected to the wind shower, effectively remove the dust before entering the workshop.

4. Conditional gravure printing machine manufacturers should install air conditioners as much as possible to keep the ambient temperature and humidity stable. Maintain ventilation in the gravure press shop environment and install an air filter.