The Effect Of The Oven Affects The Speed Of The Gravure Press

- Oct 13, 2019-

The effect of the oven affects the speed of the gravure press

One of the keys to increasing the printing speed of the gravure printing machine is the effect of the oven. The ink is dried by hot air, not by heating. And the higher the heat, the less ink on the print is easier to dry. Why?

1. If the temperature is too high, the surface of the ink will be conjuncted, causing the phenomenon of dryness in the surface.

2. The solvent with low boiling point in the ink volatilizes prematurely, the solvent with high boiling point remains, and the drying speed is slowed down. Then the wind of the drying box is required to be greater than the heat, and the temperature can be 40~50 °C. The wind can't be directly blown on the film. The heat can't be directly baked on the film surface. It has good air-exhausting ability. It can't run on the printing plate and the ink tank. The drying box has better secondary air return performance. It is necessary to effectively prevent the printed matter from drying out and infecting bad odors.

The gravure printing machine is direct printing. The printing principle is as follows. In the traditional printing method of Figure 5, in addition to offset printing, indirect printing, embossing, flexo printing, silk screen printing and gravure printing are direct printing.

PS: The so-called direct printing refers to the printing of the printing plate directly in contact with the substrate. Offset printing is transferred through a blanket cylinder.

In recent years, with the influence of various factors such as national policies and social environment, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly machinery and equipment has become the direction of major machinery manufacturers to improve mechanical research and development, as well as to protect the environment. Gravure printing machines are used in the machinery industry. One member, and its daily work energy consumption is large, so the energy-saving technology improvement of gravure printing machine is also a major strategic direction of major gravure printing machine manufacturers. Let's talk about the composition of gravure printing machine hot air energy-saving technology and Related introduction.