The Countermeasures For The Problem Of Blocking The Gravure Printing Machine Are:

- Sep 30, 2019-

The countermeasures for the problem of blocking the gravure printing machine are:

1. Clean the plate cylinder with solvent before the machine is produced, filter the ink with the filter, try to use the same type of ink.

2. Adjust the appropriate ink viscosity, add a small amount of quick-drying solvent in an appropriate amount, and use a stirring rod to improve the fluidity and volatility of the ink.

3. Select the scraper according to the specific conditions of the plate cylinder production, and adjust the angle of the scraper to 45°~50°.

4. For the case of blocking, you can use the cleaning solution to clean.

In fact, to solve the problem of gravure printing machine jam, the key is to prevent. The important point is that each time a product is produced, the plate cylinder must be rinsed clean to prevent the remaining ink from getting stuck in the mesh, causing blockage in the next production. This is a detail and cannot be ignored. After rinsing the plate cylinder, don't forget to apply a special layer of anti-rust oil to protect it.

The front gravure printing machine manufacturer has already detailed the basis of the overhaul and the contents of the overhaul for the gravure printing machine. After determining these basis and content, we need to prepare for the repair, and we need to repair before the maintenance. Do the following preparations:

1. Establish a special gravure printing machine maintenance team. The gravure printing machine is carefully divided according to the mechanical and electrical parts.

2. Hold a special meeting before the overhaul. On the one hand, it emphasizes the importance of equipment overhaul to improve the importance of personnel on equipment maintenance, enhance the awareness of equipment care during the maintenance process, and make a specific division of the overhaul of the gravure printing machine so that everyone has the task to clearly define their own division of labor. On the other hand, it emphasizes safety awareness, people-oriented, and safety first. During the overhaul process, you must wear protective clothing such as overalls and be careful. It is strictly forbidden to take risks and violate the regulations. A guardian is present for all electrical maintenance operations.