Solution To Common Problems In The Use Of Gravure Printing Presses

- Oct 06, 2019-

Solution to common problems in the use of gravure printing presses

When the gravure printer prints, the full plate of the plate cylinder is inked, and the ink is scraped off by the squeegee to leave some ink on the plate surface, leaving some ink in the picture, and then passing the paper, which is embossed on the reverse side of the paper by the impression cylinder, so that Some of the ink that is recessed is transferred directly to the paper surface, and finally some of the printed matter is piled up or rewinded by the delivery. With the gravure printer, the ink color is unevenly printed and the appearance of periodic ink color changes. The method of sweeping is to check the roundness of the plate cylinder, adjust the point of view of the doctor blade, pressure or replace the new doctor blade. The imprinted crepe prints the image level and level, the paste, and the image shows the appearance of the burr. The methods of cleaning include: removing the static electricity from the surface of the substrate, participating in the polar solvent in the ink, appropriately increasing the printing pressure, and adjusting the orientation of the doctor blade. Using a gravure printer, the blocking ink is dried in the printed version of the cell, or the image of the plate is stuffed with paper and paper powder, called the blocking plate. The method of sweeping is to increase the content of the solvent in the ink, reduce the boring speed of the ink, and print on paper with high surface strength. Ink spill prints have some mottled appearance on the ground. The method of sweeping is to increase the viscosity of the ink by increasing the hardness of the ink. Adjust the viewpoint of the gravure printer squeegee, improve the printing speed, and replace the deep cell print plate with a shallow mesh plate.

When the gravure printing machine is printed, the pictures and text on the paper are concave, but the other parts are on the same plane. When the gravure printing machine is printing, the roller is completely covered with ink, and after the completion, all the grease except the picture and the text should be deleted, and finally all the printed papers are put away and put away. The articles produced by the gravure printing machine have the characteristics of thick, bright color and strong three-dimensionality, and the gravure printing machine can indeed print a work that gives a non-general visual experience. The process of printing an article by a gravure press is more complicated, but the power consumption is very low. The main feature of the gravure printing machine's text is that the picture and the article are concave downwards, while the other parts are convex upwards, giving the eyes a three-dimensional feeling, which is beyond the reach of other similar products. Moreover, when printing a lot of paper, there is a clear advantage, because the material has a very high recycling rate, so it is very convenient and convenient to use. The advantage in improving efficiency is also obvious. It can reduce power consumption and improve efficiency. Therefore, it is used very well in many cases and has been well developed.