Simplification Of Gravure Printing Machine

- Sep 28, 2019-

Simplification of gravure printing machine

Seeing the title, many friends may think, what is the simplicity of the gravure printing machine, is it simple to operate? Here are the manufacturers of gravure printing presses to tell you.

The simplification of the gravure printing machine is not simply a simple operation of the equipment. In fact, it should be said that after so many years of development, various technologies have been developed and improved, and the operation of the gravure printing machine is more and more suitable for production. More and more suitable for the current market. The process of simplification is accompanied by the sweat and hardship of countless technicians.

From the initial manual printing to fully automated gravure printing, from complex and cumbersome workflows to one-button automated printing, these dozens of words contain countless technicians and production staff for decades of hard work. Manual printing requires several people or even dozens of people to complete the production of a production line, and the gravure printing press requires only one experienced staff to be able to work in the past assembly line due to advanced technology.

The flow of manual printing has put the printing industry on the road of industrialization, and the fully automatic printing of gravure printing press allows more production personnel to withdraw from the cumbersome assembly line and do more things, even more Improve the productivity and development efficiency of the entire printing industry.

The reason why the gravure printing machine gravure overprinting is not allowed:

1. The original film substrate has uneven tension and the end faces are not neat.

2. The unwinding tension is small, the drying temperature is too high, and the speed is too fast.


1. Select PVC with the same end face of the original film and good tensile strength to produce.

2. Set the unwinding tension value according to the thickness, size and width of the film roll. When producing, the drying temperature should not be too high, preferably 30 ° C ~ 40 ° C, the cooling water should not be too large, and reduce the speed of production.