Main Features Of Gravure Printing Machine

- Mar 31, 2021-

The gravure printing machine adopts the direct printing method of circular pressing, the printing plate is directly made on the printing plate cylinder, and the ink is supplied by immersion or inkjet method, and there is no ink distribution mechanism. Due to the thick ink layer, the use of volatile fast-drying ink requires a drying device.


Industrial Gravure Printing Press Machines

When printing on a gravure printing machine, the printing plate cylinder is inked on the entire page, the paper is passed, and the impression cylinder is used to imprint on the back of the paper, and finally the printed matter is piled up or rewinded by the paper-receiving part.


Paper Printing Press Machine

The main feature of the gravure printing machine is that the graphic part on the printing plate is concave and the blank part is convex, which is exactly the opposite of the layout structure of the letterpress printing machine. When the machine is printing a single color, the printing plate is first immersed in the ink tank to roll, and the entire surface of the printing plate is covered with ink. Then, the ink layer belonging to the blank part of the surface of the printing plate is scraped off, the convex part forms a blank, and the recessed part is filled with ink. The deeper the recess, the thicker the ink layer. The machine transfers the ink in the recessed part to the printed matter by pressure to obtain the printed matter.