Ink Plays A Decisive Factor On Gravure Presses

- Oct 12, 2019-

Ink plays a decisive factor on gravure presses

Everyone knows that the most important thing in the work of gravure printing machine is a factor that directly affects the quality of printed products. That is, the choice of ink and ink is very important, which directly leads to the harsh conditions of gravure printing machine for selecting inks. Claim.

Gravure printing inks play a decisive factor in gravure printing, the relationship between the three factors.

1. The depth and lightness of the plate cylinder of text and illustration determines the amount of ink to be printed. Is the text of the plate cylinder and the pattern carries a deeper level of printing ink, a lot of light, not words and patterns, printing a little on the ink.

2. The hardness of the embossing roller material and the pressure of the embossing roller and the amount of printing ink. The material of the impression cylinder is soft, the amount of ink, not the hard impression cylinder material, a small amount of ink is printed. The pressure of the impression cylinder is large, the amount of ink in the printing, not the pressure of the impression cylinder is small, and the amount of ink in the printing.

3. The viscosity of the ink affects the printing of the ink. A large amount of ink viscosity, ink printing, and low viscosity, the amount of ink in the printing.

4, printing speed is fast and slow, the impact of the number of ink printing. Printing speed, printing a large amount of ink, printing speed is very slow, and the amount of ink printed is relatively small.

The plate cylinder is the decisive factor in determining the amount of ink printed. The main factor in the viscosity of the ink is the amount of ink that affects the printing, and it also affects the important factors of printing speed. The viscosity of the ink is measured and known, and the ink is rare through the senses. By the close connection, although the viscosity is not equal to the thin thickness, the actual measurement with the paint cup and the cone cup, the viscosity and the thickness of the thin are inseparable.

For ease of understanding, the thicker pine below replaces the viscosity, which is called thick and diluted with a small viscosity. The plate cylinder and mode of the text, you need thick ink, there will be ghosting or dilute the ink, it is dizzy. Instead of the plate cylinder text and mode is shallow, the ink is diluted, otherwise it will dry the film and be blocked. The printing speed and ink need to be diluted, otherwise it will not be cleaned. The printing speed is slow and the ink will be thick, otherwise water printing will occur. Run ink, cut lines, dry ink, false phenomenon, and the ink is too thick.