Gravure Printing Machine PVC Gravure Adhesion Phenomenon

- Sep 29, 2019-

Gravure printing machine PVC gravure adhesion phenomenon

This is the most common printing failure in PVC printing and a difficult point to master. cause:

1. The ink contains too much slow drying solvent and the viscosity is too low.

2, no use of PVC special ink solvent formula, or add wrong solvent.

3, the cooling water is opened larger, the original film is damp. 4 The winding tension is too large, the workshop temperature is high, and the drying temperature is low.


1. Reduce the cooling water and exchange the original film.

2. Increase the viscosity of the ink, add an appropriate amount of quick-drying solvent, and appropriately increase the drying temperature.

3. If necessary, replace the new ink, and strictly use the PVC special solvent to adjust the ink.

4. When winding, use the synchronous winding tension method to wind up.

5. When printing, if the spot color is large, do not use too much recycled ink, try not to add ethanol solvent.

The gravure printing machine may have a problem of blocking in the process of gravure printing. What is the reason? How to solve it? The following is a detailed answer to you by the Thai gravure printing press manufacturers.

The gravure printing machine can be roughly divided into two types: one is local blocking, that is, some of the patterns or characters on the printed matter are blocked, and the other is blocked version, that is, the pattern or text on the printed matter is blocked.

The reasons for blocking are:

1. The ink has high viscosity, impurities, and inconsistent ink types.

2, the use of recycled ink, the ink has an excessive amount of slow-drying ingredients, ink flowability, volatility is poor.

3. The scraper is not installed correctly, and the pressure angle of the scraper is not appropriate.

4. The mesh on the plate cylinder is not clean and has been blocked.