Gravure Printing Machine Manufacturers Introduce You To The Gravure Printing Press System Structure And Synchronous Control Principle:

- Oct 05, 2019-

Gravure printing machine manufacturers introduce you to the gravure printing press system structure and synchronous control principle:

The gravure printing machine adjusts the corresponding ink paint before the printing starts, each printing roller only prints one color, and uses the synchronous coordinated movement of each roller to print the pattern onto the corresponding printing plate, and sequentially the monochrome pattern. Overprinting on the printed material, and finally finishing the pattern printing.

In the printing process, the color registration sensor and the photoelectric encoder disk are used to monitor the overprint error. When the error exceeds the set value, the error signal is transmitted to the control system. The control system adjusts the servo motor speed and the rotor according to the error. In turn, the distance between the upper and lower or the left and right movement of the adjusting roller is realized, thereby achieving the purpose of dynamically correcting the overprinting error.

When the chromatic aberration occurs in the gravure printing machine, the overprint control becomes a multi-axis synchronous control for eliminating chromatic aberration, and it is necessary to ensure that each servo motor has good synchronous tracking performance, so the "shaftless transmission" of the gravure printing machine is essential. This is the system's "multi-axis synchronization control."

Regardless of the product purchased, the user will always go to understand the price, and for some large products, the user will find out more about the manufacturer. But sometimes, users can't easily distinguish the difference between the manufacturer and the agent, which leads to a pitfall in both product and price.

In fact, before purchasing a gravure press, it is recommended that the user can conduct an actual inspection. Look at the seller in the end is the gravure printing machine manufacturer or agent, look at the relevant production license and business license. If it is a manufacturer, you can also understand the production workshop. Generally, regular gravure printing machine manufacturers can meet such requirements.

Second, look at the after-sales service The general agent only provides after-sales service for parts replacement, because the agent itself does not have the technology to repair and maintain the gravure printing machine. The manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance from the start of installation and commissioning to the subsequent maintenance warranty, so that you can use it with peace of mind.

In addition, because the agent does not need to deal with the second time, the gravure printing machine purchased directly by the manufacturer will be much cheaper than the agent.