Gravure Printing Machine Manufacturers Introduce The Main Advantages Of Gravure Printing Machine

- Oct 03, 2019-

Gravure printing machine manufacturers introduce the main advantages of gravure printing machine

The gravure printing machine is a product that is highly valued by major manufacturers. Its current application fields are also extensive, so what are its advantages? The following is a detailed introduction to the main advantages of the gravure press by the gravure printing machine manufacturer.

1. Higher energy efficiency. This is because the efficiency loss caused by the mechanical pair on the gearbox and the main shaft is reduced;

2, the gear is reduced, so the overall noise of the gravure printing machine can be reduced;

3. Since the reduction gear is not used, less mechanical maintenance work is required, and the lubrication system of the gear box is not required;

4. The time for mechanical installation and commissioning is shortened;

5. Eliminate the related problems caused by the transmission torque of the gear pair and the inaccurate manufacturing installation;

6. Since no machinery is used, the operator can easily access the printing press for adjustment and maintenance. If the same level of convenience is used when using machinery, a groove must be dug in the floor where the press is installed, which is usually costly and not always feasible;

7. The response of the register control is faster, the control signal acts directly on the motor, and the motor adjusts the phase of the drum;

8. The distance between the printing pairs is reduced (the tape path is shortened), the registration compensation roller is omitted, and the number of transition rollers can also be reduced (the transition roller is driven by the printing material). Obviously, this applies only to mechanical applications where the compensation roller is used instead of the drum phase change for registration;

9. The flexibility of production is greater because it can be overprinted at the same time and coated with rollers of different diameters;

10, the time for product replacement is shortened, because the next product can be prepared during the operation of the machine, the replacement time is shortened by 30-50%;

11. The scrap rate is significantly reduced. Due to the shortened length of the tape on the gravure press, the waste generated by the registration process is reduced. For packaging gravure presses, each unit reduces the length of the tape by at least 2 meters, while other gravure presses reduce more; and the more the number of color groups, the greater the amount of waste that is reduced.