Gravure Press Overhaul

- Oct 02, 2019-

Gravure press overhaul

In the previous article, gravure press manufacturers introduced the basis for the overhaul of gravure presses, knowing that they should be combined from three aspects, namely the age of the equipment, the degree of wear of the parts and some quality problems. So what do we include when we overhaul the gravure press? Today, the gravure printing machine manufacturers will come to tell you in detail.

The contents of the gravure press overhaul:

1. The standard for mechanical overhaul is to basically repair or replace all the large parts of the machine. All parts of the machine need to be completely replaced or repaired if there is any wear. If there are conditions, the equipment cover will be repainted and replaced as new after the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

2. Electrically inspect all electrical components and lines of the machine. Disassemble the main and auxiliary motors to refuel the motor bearings and replace all damaged or unqualified electrical components.

All in all, overhaul refers to the thorough inspection and repair of the gravure printing machine and the restoration of various technical specifications of the gravure printing equipment.

Some time ago gravure printing machine manufacturers introduced the advantages of the transmission gravure printing machine. So, is it true that this device is really perfect now? Actually not, there are still some shortcomings in gravure printing machines, but I believe that in the future, these shortcomings will eventually be solved. Below, the gravure printing machine manufacturers will come to tell you about the shortcomings of this device.

1. Larger investment. The transmission is more expensive than a mechanically driven gravure press.

2. The complexity of electronic control systems has increased significantly.

3. The testing and installation time of the electrical system must be increased.

4. Increased requirements for parts related to transmitting torque.

5. The requirements for the supply of spare parts are increased.

6. The update and upgrade of the electronic control system is more important.

The above are the shortcomings of the current transmission gravure press, but over time, some shortcomings may gradually disappear.