Large Laminating Machine

Large Laminating Machine

This machine is suitable for dry compounding of plastic, aluminum, paper and other coils. It is fast and superior in performance.

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Large Laminating Machine

Large Laminating Machine Product parameter:













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Large Laminating Machine Description:

This Large Laminating Machine is suitable for dry compounding of plastic, aluminum, paper and other coils. It is fast and superior in performance. It is an ideal equipment widely used in various high-grade flexible packaging materials such as food, medicine and daily necessities. Tension system: four motors, eight motors, nine motors synchronous closed-loop control system optional.


1.The Large Laminating Machine can complete the whole process of feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, die-cutting, rewinding and sheeting. It is an ideal machine for various printing houses to printing bills, card paper and high-end stick labels.

2. High economic benefit and non-polluting ink,  adopt the ceramic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.

3. Three die-cutting stations, the first and second die-cutting station can do double sides working, the third die-cutting station can be used as sheeter.

4. Computerized web-guiding system is installed in the front of printing unit, ensures the material always in the right position.

5. After sheeting in the third die-cutting station, conveyor belt can output the products orderly.

6. Unwinding and rewinding tension are auto-controlled by magnetic powder, two rewinders is possible in this machine.

7. Video inspecting system is an option, it can watch the printing quality when in high speed.

8. The ink rollers will be separated from the printing roller, and keep running when the machine stops.

9. Main machine inverter is imported.

10. Each printing unit adopts 360° plate-adjustment.


1, How do I use the Large Laminating Machine?

The software needed to use the printer is included with any model. We also include a manual and training video to assist with learning how to use the printer. We are also available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.

2, Is warranty included?

We include a two year warranty that covers all printer parts excluding the Epson printer head, cartridge and pump.

3, How much ink does one t shirt use:

Ink usage widely varies depending on resolution settings, size of graphic and colors used. We find, on average, that one square meter uses 10-12ml of ink.

4, Are replacement parts available?

We offer all replacement parts for your printer with quick delivery to ensure your print has very little downtime. We offer 24/7 technical assistance for troubleshooting and repair.

5, Is there any maintenance required:

In order for any DTG printer to be producing high quality results, maintenance is a must. We suggest powering the printer on once a day and performing a cleaning print to keep the head from drying. In the event that the printer has not been used for over 7 days, we recommend cleaning the printing head with cleaning liquid. Our printer manual provides detail information to properly maintain your printer and we provide all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies.

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