What are the main performances of gravure printing machines?

- Sep 20, 2019-

What are the main performances of gravure printing machines?

The working performance of the gravure printing machine mainly includes three indexes: overprinting precision, ink color uniformity and productivity.

1 set of printing accuracy: In the process of color printing, the accuracy of the overlap of the printing is one of the main technical indicators of the working performance of the gravure printing machine. In the process of color printing, the transfer, transfer and printing of paper, etc., should be guaranteed to be in the specified position at low speed or high speed. This is even more important for fine prints and color printing. This requires that the transmission system of the gravure printing machine, the position and time of paper transfer and the transmission accuracy of the printing plate and the imprinting mechanism should meet certain requirements. Therefore, when we analyze the gravure printing machine, we must focus on the various aspects related to the accuracy of overprinting, and master its characteristics and its role.

2 Ink color: The uniformity of ink color refers to the consistency of the thickness of the printed ink layer and the clarity of the ink. This is another indicator to measure the quality of the printed product, and is also an important part to evaluate the working performance of the gravure printing machine. Regardless of the printing method used, it is necessary to print a clear and solid ink, which not only requires uniform ink color, but also requires sufficient printing pressure, which requires high precision and performance of printing equipment, including inking systems. .

3 Productivity: The productivity of a gravure printing press is generally expressed by the printing speed. The method of expressing the printing speed is expressed in sheets/hour for a sheet-fed gravure printing machine and m/min for a web gravure printing machine. The structural formation and characteristics of the gravure press and the technical level of the automatic control system are the main factors determining the level of productivity. For example, the flat-press gravure printing machine adopts an impression cylinder, which has a significantly improved printing speed compared with the flat-press gravure printing machine, but the reciprocating motion of the platen limits the further improvement of the productivity, and thus is gradually pressed. Replaced by a gravure printing machine. At present, gravure printing machines are developing in the direction of large-scale, high-speed, linkage, etc., in order to maximize productivity.