What are the advantages of gravure printing?

- Sep 21, 2019-

What are the advantages of gravure printing?

The gravure printing machine is a simple printing method. The drum can be used multiple times. Each set of printing rolls can reach 4 million impressions. It is characterized by stable performance, wide application range of ink and substrate. At present, as ink manufacturers have successfully developed eco-friendly inks such as alcohol-soluble inks and water-based inks, technological advances in gravure printing have been promoted to the utmost. At the same time, in the field of plate making, the continually seeking substitute materials for chrome-plated steel rolls and copper rolls will further reduce the cost, improve the economic efficiency of gravure printing, shorten the pre-press adjustment time, and eliminate the defects of short-run printing. At the same time, with the adjustment of the price of domestic high-speed gravure printing presses, the cost continues to decline, and eventually the market share of gravure printing will continue to increase. Gravure printing is sure to be the preferred method of high quality printing.

The development of gravure printing to today's great situation is formed through the joint efforts of many industries: equipment manufacturing, ink, solvent, the adoption of new technologies in the plate making industry, the implementation of new processes in the printing industry, etc. all promote the development of gravure printing. The direction is moving forward.

 1, plate making

(1) Fully automatic gravure printing cylinder plating process.

(2) Rapidly implement the process of no-film engraving: electron beam engraving and laser engraving.

(3) Realize rapid digital proofing with graphic database.

 2. Substrate: PVC, PP plastic label, soft packaging of PET, PE and various composite materials; coated paper/cardboard soft and hard cigarette pack; ordinary wet strength paper/aluminized paper/aluminum foil label and textile printing and dyeing.

(1) Gravure printing paper label: Domestic major tobacco factories and tobacco packaging printing factories basically use imported gravure printing machines to print cigarette packets and coated paper. The cigarette packages represent the highest level in the domestic printing industry, and the advantages of gravure printing are fully obtained. Therefore, the high speed gravure printing machine is called a "printing machine". Under the influence of the competition mechanism, the professional cigarette package printing factory will turn its attention to the growing beer market. The color separation, ink adjustment, overprinting and die cutting are all controlled by computer. The printing quality and processing precision are better than offset printing. Nothing.

(2) Gravure printing flexible packaging: The quality of the outer packaging of the goods affects the motivation of consumers to purchase goods. Gravure printing still dominates the field of flexible packaging composites such as plastic bags, plastic boxes, paper and plastics, aluminum-plastics and aluminized films. The large gravure printing machine can complete the in-line processing of compounding, cross-cutting and die-cutting, which is suitable for large-scale long-term tasks, and also promotes the popularization and application of various composite materials. The future gravure printing technology adopts the design of composite environment, with reliable performance, simplified structure, convenient operation, short product replacement time and shorter production cycle. It is becoming more and more common to install carts on gravure presses, with different forms of composite functions such as wet, extrusion, and dry. Saving resources, protecting the environment, reducing costs, and displaying the appearance are the mainstream of the development of composite packaging film in the future.

(3) Gravure printing aluminum foil: Ultra-thin aluminum foil is an indispensable composite substrate for flexible packaging. Since the surface is silver-white, it produces strong metallic luster after gravure printing, and the cost is low, which can highlight the grade of the product. Foreign printing is mainly gravure, and 100% of the domestic use gravure printing.