The working principle of mask making machine

- Jun 15, 2020-

There are some differences in the working principle of different mask manufacturing machines. The following is a brief introduction to the more common workflow.

The first is the fabric. All kinds of fabrics pass through their respective fabric support racks, and then enter from the fabric layering racks. After several kinds of fabrics are stacked, they enter the fabric hem, and finally pass through the folds and folds, and enter the main treatment process. Common masks on the market are composed of 3-5 layers of fabric. This is the first step of our mask production line. Our highly automated mask machine can automatically feed without manual labor.

Then comes the workflow of the mask body. 1) After the layered fabric and nose bridge line, after the interception process, the nose bridge line will be cut to a fixed length first, and then put into the folded fabric; 2) After the ultrasonic hot pressing station, the folded fabric Embossing is formed on both sides and front and rear ends; 3) The section interception station passes through the mask and cuts the fabric according to a fixed length to become the main body of the mask; 4) Finally, it enters the material separation process through the differential separation conveyor belt.

Our mask machine is highly automated and can complete the process of automatic coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose rib feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, and ear strap feeding. Only one person can achieve stable production, the entire production process is fully automatic, without any auxiliary work. Welcome to inquire and purchase.