Precautions for gravure color printing machine

- Mar 18, 2021-

The main structure of the gravure color printing machine is composed of five parts: paper feeding, ink feeding, printing, drying, and paper delivery. When printing, the printing plate cylinder of the gravure color printing machine is inked on the entire page, and the ink on the blank part of the page is scraped off with a squeegee, leaving the ink in the graphic part, and then the paper is passed, and the impression cylinder is used to imprint on the back of the paper. The ink in the concave part is directly transferred to the paper surface, and finally the printed matter is piled up or rewinded by the paper receiving part.


Industrial Gravure Printing Press Machines

1. Ensure that the leader is responsible for supervising the safety of equipment and crew operators.

2. Before the gravure color printing machine is operated, the operator must wear uniforms, work caps, and work shoes neatly, fasten the placket and cuffs, and do not put sundries in the pockets, and do not wear watches and various accessories.

3. Before starting the gravure color printing machine, add the required lubricating oil (lubricating grease) to each oil filling point, lubrication point and oil tank of the machine.

4. Without approval, non-crew members are not allowed to start and operate the machine, and assistants and apprentices should work under the guidance of the pilot.

5. Before starting the intaglio color printing machine, check whether there is any sundries in all parts of the machine body. You must give a signal (press the safety bell), echo back and forth, and make sure that the machine is safe before it can be started.