Maintenance skills of mask automatic packaging machine

- May 11, 2020-

Protective mask is a daily necessity, generally refers to wearing on the nose and nose, taking into account the gas entering the nose and nose, to avoid the transmission of harmful substances, taste and droplets into and away from the wearer's nose The equipment for the nose is made of cloth or paper. Protective masks have a certain effect on the gas entering the lungs. When the upper respiratory tract infection is fashionable, wearing a mask when the environment is contaminated by dust and other working environments actually works well.

Electrical maintenance of mask automatic packaging machine:

1. The actual operation staff of the automatic packaging machine should regularly maintain whether the top of the connector is loose before starting.

2. Fine particles such as smoke and dust will also harm the function and application of the automatic packaging machine. The photoelectric sensor and limit switch camera are very easy to make mistakes when there is dust, and should be regularly checked and cleaned.

3. Detailed parts are also important for mechanical equipment cleaning. For example, dip the soft sand cloth with ethanol on time to clean the surface of the horizontal sealing electric slip ring to eliminate the carbon powder on the surface.

4. Some parts of the mask packing machine cannot be disassembled and replaced randomly. Inter-professional workers are not allowed to turn on some electrical parts, because the main parameters or program flow of hydraulic control systems such as soft starters and microcomputers are basically set. Random changes will cause system software oscillation and equipment failure.

Mask automatic packaging machine moisturizes part of maintenance:

1. Roller bearings are very severely damaged components in mechanical equipment, so every roller bearing should be packed with unsalted butter once every two months.

2. Different types of grease are different, such as the coupling on the packaging film rubber roller, the coupling on the front sprocket chain of the feeding belt conveyor should be filled with 40 # mechanical lubricant immediately.

3. The transmission chain often leaks and deviates. Each transmission chain should be dripped immediately into the mechanical lubricating oil whose viscosity exceeds 40 #.

4. Clutch is the key part of automatic packaging machine starting. The clutch should be humidified immediately. Generally, its cycle time is two months.

The above is the maintenance method of the mask automatic packaging machine, and I look forward to helping you all.