Knowledge points of mask packing machine

- May 11, 2020-

Performance characteristics

1. The mask packaging machine adopts double frequency conversion control, the bag length can be set and cut off instantly, no need to adjust the dry operation, saving time and oil film;

2. Man-machine interface, convenient and fast parameter setting;

3. Fault self-diagnosis function, clear display;

4. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position is accurate;

5. Temperature independent PID control, suitable for various packaging materials;

6. Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste film;

7. The transmission system of the mask packaging machine is simple, reliable and easy to maintain;

8. All controls are implemented by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade;

9. Establish an automatic assembly line port that can be connected to the production line;

10. Can be used with backpack packaging and sealing machine, weight sorting, metal detection, stacker, robot, etc.

The scope of application

Masks, towels, paper towels, noodles, egg rolls, sausages, squid, popsicles, fudge, biscuits, fresh fruits and other soft and long strips are suitable for various conventional items such as packaging trays.

Optional equipment

According to the customer's own packaging requirements, it can improve the mechanical process and increase the sponge exhaust function.

1. Installation code

2. Straight grain sealing wheel

3. Mesh seal

The above is the relevant content of the mask packaging machine, I hope to help everyone.