Introduction to the classification and characteristics of gravure printing machines

- Sep 16, 2019-

Introduction to the classification and characteristics of gravure printing machines

In addition to the number and number of colors used for printing paper, gravure presses can be divided into two categories according to the plate making method: engraving gravure and etching intaglio.

Mechanical engraving gravure

The mechanical engraving gravure is made by mechanically controlling the knives on the surface of the plate cylinder. It reduces the heavy work of hand engraving, the plate making speed is fast, the cycle is short, and the plate making cost is also low. Mainly used to make printed gravure of securities.

Due to the high cost of the above two engraving plates and the long plate making period, the scope of use is limited. But things are divided into two. In the case of anti-counterfeiting packaging, hand-engraved intaglio may be the best method of making plates. Because the secret anti-counterfeiting is a main method of anti-counterfeiting packaging, the technicians can use the various methods to engrave some hidden notes in the process of hand-engraving gravure. The hidden marks on these hand-carved intaglios are not easy to be found, and it is more difficult to distinguish in the printed matter. This forms a secret anti-counterfeiting.

2. Hand-engraved gravure

The hand-engraved gravure is made by a technician using a knife to manually engrave the surface of the plate cylinder according to the original image, and the plate material can be made of copper plate or steel plate. Manual labor is heavy, plate making costs are large, and the cycle is long. However, the hand-engraved gravure lines are clear, and the prints are highly layered and difficult to forge. Mostly used in the production of printed intaglios for securities and high quality art.

3. Electronic engraving gravure

This version is controlled by an electronic control device to engrave the surface of the plate cylinder. Using an electronic engraving machine, according to the photoelectric principle, the engraving knife is controlled, and the cells are engraved on the surface of the drum, and the area and depth thereof are simultaneously changed.