Introduction of automatic cutting technology of gravure printing machine

- Mar 31, 2021-

When printing on a gravure printing machine, the printing plate cylinder is inked on the entire surface, and the ink on the blank part of the plate is scraped off with a squeegee, leaving the ink on the graphic part, and then passing the paper, and the impression cylinder is used to emboss on the back of the paper. The ink in the concave part is directly transferred to the paper surface, and finally the printed matter is piled up or rewinded by the paper receiving part.


Paper Printing Press Machine

Automatic cutting technology of gravure printing machine:

After the gravure printing machine adopts the automatic cutting technology, the entire automatic cutting process only needs to place the material roll on the unwinding rack, and the subsequent cutting process can complete the entire cutting action without manual intervention. Taking the BOPP film with a thickness of 0.018mm as an example, the fully automatic cutting can control the length of the remnant material within 10m. The application of automatic cutting technology to the gravure printing machine reduces the equipment's dependence on the operator and improves work efficiency.

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