How should the gravure printing machine be maintained?

- Sep 17, 2019-

How should the gravure printing machine be maintained?

After the long holiday, many customers' clothing color printing machines will not be used for a long time. If the customer does not take correct and necessary maintenance measures, it may lead to the clothing color printing machine not working properly after the long holiday. Affect future production. So how do you let the clothing color printer safely "new spring" so that it can work healthily and conscientiously after the end of the long holiday? On this issue, the author interviewed the general manager of the professional R & D manufacturer of the clothing color printing machine, and learned about the matters needing attention when maintaining the color printing machine during the Spring Festival.

During the long holiday, the residual ink of the print head or the ink feed path may dry out due to the long-term use of the color printer. In addition, due to the cold weather in winter, after the ink cartridge is frozen, the ink will generate impurities such as sediment. These may cause the printing nozzle or the ink tube to be blocked, which may affect the printing effect, such as: lack of pen, broken picture, lack of color, color cast, etc., or even printing, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the customer. In order to avoid the above situation, the user can take some maintenance measures. For example, during the holiday period, every 3-4 days through the printer's cleaning process, the ink is used to clean (wet) the ink feed channel or the print head to prevent the ink from drying out and blocking the print head and the ink tube. Some users think that the ink cartridge should be taken out and stored in the holiday. In fact, this method is not appropriate, because it not only makes the residual ink in the nozzle of the color printer of the garment dry faster, the print nozzle is more likely to be blocked, and the air is allowed to enter. The ink outlet of the ink cartridge, this part of the air is sucked into the print head, causing fatal damage to the print head.

Therefore, once the ink cartridge is loaded into the printer, it is best not to disassemble it easily. If the working environment of the color printing machine is too humid or excessive dust, the printing nozzles of some components and ink cartridges may be corroded and polluted, and the working environment of the color printing machine may not change too much, otherwise the thermal expansion of the components may cause mechanical parts. Excessive wear and tear, especially the plastic components of the cartridge and the change in nozzle aperture, can also affect the printing effect. Therefore, the user's clothing color printing machine should be stored in an environment that is dry, clean, and not exposed to direct sunlight, and care should be taken to appropriately increase ventilation and heat preservation.

Of course, users should first clean and maintain the color printer before using it to ensure its normal printing accuracy and print quality. In addition, in order to enable users to not be affected by the failure of the clothing color printer after the festival, "Shenzhen Shenzhen Longke" also specially arranged technical personnel, can provide print correction, print head cleaning, printer at any time. Services such as component maintenance, printing consumables installation, printer troubleshooting, and obligation elimination.