Gravure printing machine tension control system

- Sep 22, 2019-

Gravure printing machine tension control system

Domestic flexible packaging materials are constantly changing, the variety, quality and quantity of packaging are increasing, and the speed and precision of printing machinery are getting higher and higher. The gravure printing machine is widely used for its materials (BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and coil). Paper, etc.), running fast has broad prospects in the market.

The unit type gravure printing machine (referred to as gravure printing machine) is an important member of the printing machine family. It plays an important role in the field of flexible packaging with exquisite printing quality. The gravure printing machine is generally unwinding, unwinding, printing, winding. Traction and winding, etc., in order to ensure good printing results, it is necessary to carry out precise and stable control of the four-stage tension of the film. However, the traditional tension control method restricts the development of high-speed gravure printing machine, with AC speed regulation. The technology is becoming more and more perfect, and the tension control with AC motor has become a reality, and it is applied to most high-speed gravure printing machines abroad.

Gravure printing system requirements:

(1) It is necessary to ensure that the tension of the materials in each section is constant, the speed is synchronized, and the response is fast;

(2) The start and stop should be smooth and shock-free, and the material should not wrinkle;

(3) The surface speeds of the two windings are equal when the material is picked up to achieve rapid roll change;

(4) The tension of each section is constant, and the swinging amplitude of the swinging bar is small;

(5) Acceleration and deceleration and operation should be stable, no sudden change in speed;

(6) Good low-frequency torque characteristics and high speed accuracy;

(7) Rewinding and rewinding is convenient, no tension is changed and the color is affected;

(8) It is necessary to have the necessary protection and is easy to operate;

(9) The host starts to automatically calculate the diameter and material thickness.