Depending on the gravure press,

- Sep 08, 2019-

Depending on the gravure press, the plate rolls are available in both aluminum and copper. When preparing the plate, the roll is heated in hot water and then placed in a chloric acid solution to remove the chrome layer and the rust layer. It is then rinsed clean and the iron roll is nickel plated to stabilize the copper plating and the aluminum roll is galvanized to achieve the same day. The aluminum roller is also subjected to cyanide treatment before copper plating, and the engraving process is chrome-plated and ready for proofing.

There are several ways to solve the pollution problem caused by gravure. Each method should be considered in terms of cost and resource consumption. Printers need to establish partnerships with their major source material suppliers so that suppliers can provide the technical support they need in a timely manner to ensure the quality of their products while minimizing pollution and waste. Use a shallower ink tank and improved scraper technology to reduce the amount of ink used. The steam recovery system is the largest method to reduce solvent-based contamination.

Improved methods in many devices can reduce pollution. Gravure press manufacturers use new technology for their machines and install several process improvement control accessories on their equipment. The use of vegetable oil instead of gasoline as a solvent and the use of water-based inks all reduce environmental pollution, and it is also a good idea to use a less polluting solvent to replace the current solvent.

1. What should be done when the coating of the drum is rough when the plastic flexible packaging is gravure?

If it is caused by suspended solids such as powder or dust in the solution, it can be treated by activated carbon adsorption; if the current is too large, the voltage can be lowered; if the acidity is insufficient, sulfuric acid can be added; if the temperature is too low, the temperature can be appropriately increased.

2. What should be done when there is crystal copper sulphate on the anode and the groove wall during the pre-treatment of the plastic packaging gravure printing?

If the plating solution is too concentrated, it can be diluted to the specified concentration; if the temperature is too low, the temperature can be appropriately increased.